Five Professional Development Sites Every Job-Hunter Needs to Bookmark

The internet is bursting with resources on networking, interviews, salary negotiation, the whole gamut. I like to read about career and professional development in my spare time so I thought I’d share what I think are some of the best websites for anyone on the job hunt (I’m a student right now so this includes me).

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Get Hired with Linkedin: A Step-by-step Guide

On November 8th 2014, I hosted a workshop at the 2014 Leadership Summit for Women at McMaster University. I received some great feedback at the workshop and now I’m delighted to share what I presented with you.

I have a lot of experience using LinkedIn as both the hiring manager and the job seeker. I was recruited into my current job via LinkedIn and I get job offers through the site once every few months without fail. I am confident that you can too if you follow the steps below.

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#BYOBBook: Not Just for the Self-Employed

Gloria Roheim McRae is no ordinary 29-year-old. Not only is she an experienced professional with a wealth of knowledge and skills, a Master’s degree, and her own business… she is unapologetic in everything she does.

I had the pleasure of meeting Gloria earlier this year when she and I were involved in the same project (a local indie comedy called Look Again that you should totally check out!) Gloria gave our small team an invaluable crash course on digital marketing, Facebook advertising and crowdfunding. I was so taken with Gloria’s expertise and passionate communication style, that I thought I’d be cheating myself out of a great opportunity if I did not read her book, BYOB: The Unapologetic Guide To Being Your Own Boss. So I grabbed a copy and dived in. Continue reading